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We Develop and Market Websites & Mobile Apps

Bizooma is a boutique software development and marketing services group with offices in Fort White, FL, Detroit, MI and Amarillo, TX. We have an experienced team of developers and marketing specialists that can help you achieve your business goals. We have several industry certifications including Google Adwords and Analytics.

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Joseph Murphy
Joseph MurphyOperations
Joe began his career serving our country in the United States Marine Corps. After his honorable discharge, he began his tech career in the auto industry in Detroit. Beginning in machine building, he moved to technical training, worked his way into IT, and eventually founded Inknowvator Corp, a web marketing company specializing in cutting edge internet marketing software. Inknowvator was sold in 2007 to a Silicon Valley firm. After completing an executive agreement with the purchaser, Joe began Bizooma specializing in web and app development and custom marketing software for enterprise. Recently, Joe and his wife Nicole relocated to a ranch near Amarillo Texas where Joe enjoys wandering around the great plains while on conference calls and writing code.

Nicole Murphy
Nicole MurphyFinance and Marketing
Nicole is a Florida native who graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Finance. After working her way all the way up the corporate ladder, she decided to leave it all to give back as a teacher in the inner city of Jacksonville. Nicole joined Joe in Bizooma after they relocated to Amarillo, TX. Nicole works as Bizooma’s chief cook and bottle washer, using her years of corporate and teaching experience to manage the administrative side and provide unparalleled training and customer service. She is also deeply involved in web marketing. Nicole is certified in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. She does not enjoy wandering around the great plains but does enjoy the cool breeze and amazing sunsets.

Jordan Martin
Jordan MartinProgramming
Jordan is still writing his bio so for now we’ll just say he’s an amazing PHP programmer who likes long walks on the beach.

We Have Development Teams in Michigan, Florida, and Texas

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When our team is not working on client projects, we develop software products that help businesses become more efficient and productive.

Newtons Appy

Build your own mobile apps without having to know anything about programming.

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Task Boss Pro

Track the progress of your projects, manage tasks, and manage your employees.

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